Why hlook

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  • Functions significantly better than regular speakers in acoustically unadjusted rooms of up to 25 m2. Eliminates reflections from the wall it hangs on, thus improving the sound quality (Image 1).
  • It sounds just as perfect whether you sit or stand. Regular loudspeakers must be placed at ear-height, mere 15° above or below the axis usually distorts the sound significantly. The radiation angle of quality sound in Canvas is almost double.
  • It is a point source of sound. Point sources are closest to natural production of sounds, making the reproduction significantly more realistic.
  • Spatial elegance – they do not take up space, compared to common loudspeakers with a similar volume, they’re up to 2/3 thinner (Image 2).
  • Custom-made print – a unique design where you can pick truly anything for your room.
  • A stylish minimalist amplifier, simple and intuitive controls.
  • A purely artisanal Czech product. We build Canvas loudspeakers with love in Brno.

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