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Canvas loudspeakers were originally designed for my own pleasure since my spoilt musician’s ear searched in vain for a sound system that would offer natural sound which wouldn’t degrade even in an ordinary room, wouldn’t cost as much as my car, and would look better than a lumpy, bulky box.

I therefore decided to design something of quality myself. After several years of testing, tribulations and conquering various technical dead-ends, Hlook was born – loudspeakers that play as perfectly as a dramatically more expensive piece, don’t get in the way, and even pimp up the style and look of your (wo)man cave.

As it originally was a project purely for joy, I avoided the traditional and unexciting types of loudspeakers and focused exclusively on such non-traditional constructions as transmission-lines and less usual types of horns and waveguides. To achieve proper perfection, I also invited engineer Hynek Štětina, whose skills range from electronics to vast experience with rapid prototyping. Together, we designed our bluetooth-enabled amplifier and successfully tested the loudspeakers on humans.

My demands stem not only from my lifelong passion for music (I’ve been playing various instruments from piano to a washboard for over 20 years), but also from my father’s first post-Revolution hi-fi. I still insist it sounded terrible, but I simply loved it at that time, with all its issues. It was also an inspiration to create something that would brim not only with nostalgia, but also with quality. And that’s why I wish you to also be able to truly enjoy music with Hlook.

Vojtěch Vozáb, hlook audio founder

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